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Act Two Media

Adapting books into professional, commercial screenplays.

We work with authors who wish to adapt their book into a screenplay, then provide guidance and support on how to leverage it in meaningful ways.

Typically, when a producer or a production company is interested in adapting a book into a screenplay, they will offer an option agreement. Having a book “optioned” means that a studio "rents" the screen rights for a set amount of time to develop the project into a film or TV series.

While this is typically the best path forward for many authors, the downside is that it’s very challenging to get a producer's attention and draw them to your work.  


We offer a path forward for authors who want to take matters into their own hands and kickstart the process.

We also provide other relevant services specific to the author's needs. 

Our Services

Our Services

Screenplay Creation

Book to screen adaptations including TV pilots and full length feature films. 


Among the opportunities that come along with having a screenplay are:

  • Registering the script in industry leading screenplay listing services that producers use to find new material.

  • Entering the script in important industry competitions (we advise which ones) whose judges are producers, development executives, and potential buyers.

  • Sharing the screenplay with agents and producers.


A 10-12 page document that includes all the elements producers are looking for and require in their decision-making process.

Authors can also post a link on their website to the treatment and use it as an additional tool to market their book.

Script Doctoring

Take your existing screenplay and make revisions as necessary before it's brought out to the industry.

Pitch Deck Services

Contact us to learn more. 

Comprehensive Developmental Editing

Contact us to learn more. 

Private Consulting

Contact us to learn more. 

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